Planktòs XL hoop earrings


The Planktòs XL hoop earrings are part of the Winter Marine collection, but born 5 years after all the other jewels from this collection.
There was the desire to dare larger sizes and make everything more evident. The main part is made of yellow bronze, while the pins are made of sterling silver.
Preciously handmade.


The Planktòs XL hoop earring are organic earrings, inspired by the beauty of nature and more specifically to the ocean habitat.
The earrings are inspired in particular to the small element of the sea, almost invisible : the Plankton.

To represent the organic shapes of the nature, Zoé used an ancient goldsmith’s technique: the lost wax.
Working and modelling the wax, it has been possible to create this organic jewellery line, with this very specific texture.