Pepitas earrings


The Pepitas earrings are some “one of a kind” pieces, part of the Flying rivers – limited edition collection*.

Each earring is made of 6 bronze elements, all differents between them, and one pearl.
The pins and butterflies are made of sterling silver.

They are preciously handmade, without using any mold during their making process.

Total length is 10,5 cm.

* for more info about the limited edition, see the explanations below


We’re entering the heart of the Amazon rainforest, dense a magical organic world, and on our way we also cross a few groups of human beings, who have remained preciously far away in a slow, simple and delicate time.

The pepitas earrings could be an ornament worn by the indigenous ladies from the Zo’é  tribe.

Unique and precious, as each pearl and pepitas were found and collect in the river next to their village…

Each element is individually handmade, without using any mold in the making process.


*Limited series

This collection is a special edition: most of the pieces will be numbered.

The reason is that the pearls used on the jewels come from a family necklace, so I’m limited on the quantity of pieces I can do.
The idea is to make each jewel a real “one of a kind” piece .