Maymuru earrings


Maymuru earrings are part of the ABOS collection,

they are long and light like spears.

They are composed of two mobile elements, entirely handmade in yellow bronze, with pins and butterflies made of sterling silver.

Preciously handmade.


Total length: 7.5 cm

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The earrings are long and thin, like the spears that Maymuru makes.

Maymuru is one of the pillars of the tribe, he builds hunting tools by sharpening the wood collected in the forest. But not only… he is also the one who makes the musical instruments that they use during the ceremonies.

His magical hands and fingers are as precious as gold because he’s the only one who knows a secret that allows him to take and work wood without “stealing” anything from Nature and the Dreamtime.

But of course, he will never reveal this secret… and to keep it protected, we’ve put dots along the lines of his spears to blur their perception.