Flower Marine earrings


The Flower Marine earrings are made of yellow bronze with oxidized zones ( darker one) and sterling silver pins.
It is entirely handmade.

*Have a look at the Flower Marine ring, they fit well together.

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Flower Marine are organic earrings, inspired by the beauty of nature and more specifically to the ocean habitat.
Making research on the marine biology, the aquatic plants and living materials, the most obvious features are the curved lines, the irregular shapes and the complexity of the elements.
How is it possible to create these kind of shapes in goldsmith?
The only way is to use the technique of lost-wax casting because of the malleability of the wax, and the use of precision instruments.
Thanks to this ancient and traditional technique, Zoé can create small “sculptures” as these earrings, with organic shape and elaborate texture.


It is entirely handmade.