Dawidi earrings


Dawidi earrings are part of the ABOS collection,

they are entirely handmade in yellow bronze, with pins and butterflies made of sterling silver.

They tell about the treasure of two water sources, in the middle of the Australian desert.

Preciously handmade.


The length 3.2 cm and width 1.9 cm

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Dawidi earrings are light, fun and cute like him, Dawidi.

He looks like Makani’s brother, he also has very marked smile lines that look like two brackets that almost create a circle around his mouth … probably laughed a lot in his life.

Dawidi has wavy hair, an endless smile, marks on his body… they look like scars. But I’m not worried because that circle on his face tells about the presence of waterholes in his life, actually now there are two of them …

It seems that these have always made him happy. 

But these precious life secrets will always remain secrets, because we’ve put dots along the drawn lines to blur them and make them illegible.