Caffarella Napkin ring


The Caffarella napkin rings are all handmade in bronze.
They contain prints of plants collected in the Caffarella park.
Each of them is different and unique, and the prints vary from one to the other (depending on the harvesting).

* For this reason, the ordered napkin ring will probably be different from those in the picture.

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The napkin rings tell about the poetry and delicacy of nature, through signs and prints.
Each imprint comes from a plant, a grass or a flower gathered in the Caffarella park, one of the most beautiful and wildest in Rome.
Combining the world of “product design” with jewellery makes it possible to express and obtain subtle and refined processings such as those of these imprints.

To maintain the authenticity and value of each of them, no mold was made, and every time all the processes of harvesting, selection, imprinting, casting and finishing are done.


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