Binginyuwuy necklace


The Binginyuwuy necklace is part of the ABOS collection.

It is composed of a handmade bronze pendant and a string of blue Agate stones, strung one by one on a nylon thread. The clasp is made of sterling silver, plated with yellow gold.

Preciously handmade


The length is 48cm, and the pendant is 2.8cm high and 1.9cm wide.

NB: it is possible to have other colours of stones, contact me through e-mail for more informations.

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The Binginyuwuy necklace is composed of a pendant strung on a string of hundreds of blue stones, a deep blue, like Binginyuwuy’s eyes.

He is a little older than me, has marked facial features, very dark skin with a little grizzled beard. He is beautiful with his gaze that tells of his life, intense and infinite.