Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures

Multicolour reflections

The Sea Creatures collection represents the mysterious world of the sea, its immensity, deepness, colours, shapes and the magic of its multicolour reflections through the water.
An ancient world, our origins.

And what would happen if this precious world came out of the water and met our society?? The modern times?


This collection was thought and made just after a very important order I received. The request was to do an engagement ring but not a classic one… The request was to create a “cluster ring. It was the first time I had to do this kind of ring and use all different types of precious stones to create a unique ring.

“Cluster” is a way of putting stones together, as a “group” or “community” of different color shape and origin. Placing each other in a specific place, always related to the one next to it,  you can play with colours, shapes or create a drawing.

So after this request, which has been very challenging, the sensation was that I had the possibility to work with precious stones, that I was able to use them, think them, play with all these colours and shapes.

The new challenge was to do a whole collection of jewels with precious stones and use them as “clusters”.

So all these stones were put together and supported on a sterling silver structure, which had my sign : the grains/mini balls that I used in my first collection “Winter Marine” inspired by marine life. Added to all the multicolour reflects that were creating the stones, I decided to name this collection the Sea Creatures.