Ra the god of sun

Ra the god of sun


“Ra god of the sun” is a collection inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology.

The god Ra was seen as the personification of the sun, a fundamental element in the mythology and beliefs of the Egyptians but also important for their daily life.

It is said that Ra got on his diurnal boat to travel the sky by day, and at night, he ascended the night boat, to cross the lower world. He faced and overcame the hells, to rise again the next day.
It was powerful and seen as a giver of light and heat for the inhabitants of Egypt, this made it essential to their survival.

It was represented by an eye or simply by a point in a circle.

Thus the fundamental element of the collection takes shape: the point from which an infinite number of rays start.
With the center of the stitch, a leather insert to add to the basic elements of Ra (light and heat), the third element: colour.

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