Flying Rivers

Flying Rivers – limited edition


We’re entering the heart of the Amazon rainforest, dense of a magical organic world…..on our way we also cross a few groups of human beings, who have remained preciously far away in a slow, simple and delicate time.

Now, looking up, beyond the lianas, the branches and the crowns of trees, we can glimpse or imagine a huge flying carpet made of clouds filled with billions of water droplets that once were inside the trees and with the heat they got rid of them.

These endless expanses are called the “flying rivers“.


*Limited series

This collection is a special edition: most of the pieces will be numbered.

The reason is that most of the pearls used on the jewels come from a family necklace, so I’m limited on the quantity of pieces I can do.
The idea is to make each jewel a real “one of a kind” piece .



* You can discover beautiful black and white pictures of this universe in the project “Amazônia” made by the documentary photographer  Sebastião Salgado