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Flying Rivers

Flying Rivers - limited edition


We’re entering the heart of the Amazon rainforest, dense of a magical organic world.....on our way we also cross a few groups of human beings, who have remained preciously far away in a slow, simple and delicate time.

Now, looking up, beyond the lianas, the branches and the crowns of trees, we can glimpse or imagine a huge flying carpet made of clouds filled with billions of water droplets that once were inside the trees and with the heat they got rid of them.

These endless expanses are called the "flying rivers".


*Limited series

This collection is a special edition: most of the pieces will be numbered.

The reason is that most of the pearls used on the jewels come from a family necklace, so I'm limited on the quantity of pieces I can do.
The idea is to make each jewel a real "one of a kind" piece .



* You can discover beautiful black and white pictures of this universe in the project "Amazônia" made by the documentary photographer  Sebastião Salgado

Single Travelers

Single Travelers

Single and not lonely

Sometimes there is no reason to be part of a group,
sometimes it's nice to be born from a passant idea, from the desire to make something new, different.

That's the reason why there are some jewels that are part of any collection...
because sometimes these experiments lead to something I like, something that tells a story that I want to share with others.

Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures

Multicolour reflections

The Sea Creatures collection represents the mysterious world of the sea, its immensity, deepness, colours, shapes and the magic of its multicolour reflections through the water.
An ancient world, our origins.

And what would happen if this precious world came out of the water and met our society?? The modern times?


This collection was thought and made just after a very important order I received. The request was to do an engagement ring but not a classic one... The request was to create a "cluster ring. It was the first time I had to do this kind of ring and use all different types of precious stones to create a unique ring.

“Cluster” is a way of putting stones together, as a “group” or “community” of different color shape and origin. Placing each other in a specific place, always related to the one next to it,  you can play with colours, shapes or create a drawing.

So after this request, which has been very challenging, the sensation was that I had the possibility to work with precious stones, that I was able to use them, think them, play with all these colours and shapes.

The new challenge was to do a whole collection of jewels with precious stones and use them as “clusters”.

So all these stones were put together and supported on a sterling silver structure, which had my sign : the grains/mini balls that I used in my first collection “Winter Marine” inspired by marine life. Added to all the multicolour reflects that were creating the stones, I decided to name this collection the Sea Creatures.



Untold secrets

The ABOS collection was born in March 2020, in the middle of pandemic. Within the four walls of my house, ideas of something from distant origins are born ... something untouched.

And it comes out today, in October 2021, and for a year and a half I lived with it, we went through great loves, quarrels, separations, findings and changes.

It has been a long, difficult, deep story and now that the outlines have been defined, it can be brought to light.

This story of distant origins ... untouched for thousands of years, thanks to the oceans that surround it. So the Australian aborigines, who have been isolated for a long time, have been able to maintain their own primitive history, culture and way of life. Their pillar of life is spirituality, the belief in Dreamtime: the place and time where everything was created.

Through their ceremonies, songs, dances and drawings, they tell and transmit their myths and origins from generation to generation.

Aboriginal paintings represent the tales of the Dreamtime, the stories and secrets of entire Aboriginal tribes. And in order not to make them understood by the white man or by other tribes, they began to cover their drawings with dots, in order to blur the drawing and make their treasures illegible.

So I did the same, to keep the beauty of this turbulent love story of a year and a half, I put dots along its lines, to be able to share with you the jewels that were born of it, but without revealing our secrets.



Herbs and plants

It was the beginning of summer, searching for inspiration and ideas to create something new to add to Célestine’s world. So I decided to have a walk in a very wild and huge park in Rome : the Caffarella park.
The sun was already hot and the plants were still green and smelly from the spring.

Being in nature is my way of doing research, and what makes me happy is to know that I can borrow things from it to create unique jewels for unknown people.
Maybe nature is a universal language, and for every person has its own meaning.

So this time I borrowed from nature herbs and plants that I picked directly from the ground and used them to make printings on the wax and then bring it to melt through the wax casting process.
What remains is the essence of nature : poetry and delicacy.

Have a look at the collection and try to feel the story I told you.



Prints of nature

After two collections mainly made of bronze, I felt the need to go back to my origins: the processing of silver.
To give a new and original look to this metal, I tried to work on its surface creating a texture that could give the sensation of delicacy and lightness.

So, remaining in my main domain of inspiration which is the Nature, I decided to bring back the fragility and refinement of the shells on the metal: its striae, its veins and its reliefs.

These create a light natural texture, as if a very light veil of "chiffon" had joined the metal at the moment of the casting.

Each jewel ordered will be different, due to the fact that the impressions are taken in different areas of the shell.



The desert ribbons

The dune collection comes after the "Mediterranean Gardens", after discovering the beauty of bronze and the preciousness of its warm color.

It is inspired by the desert, its dunes and its inhabitants (the Tuaregs); but also to the beauty of the silhouettes that travel in a sea of sand.

As a child, I was fascinated by this people, even though I knew nothing about their history.

Even today I admire these blue figures in the midst of ocher-colored dunes, their clothes that swing with the wind, these beautiful women with black eyes ... they are the sparks of the desert.

Mediterranean Gardens

Mediterranean Gardens

The warm color of bronze

The "Gardens of the Mediterranean" collection is born from the material, from an instant, a game, a sign left, an imprint that, later, became the symbol of the collection.
Then, this impression was brought into fusion and turned into bronze. For the first time a warm metal appears inside the Célestine brand.

In the game of "leaving a mark", there is the history of fossils, of the sign that crosses time, and which becomes treasure. It tells of a land, a territory, a culture and a civilization.

From the warmth of the metal to the history of fossils, appears the image of Etruria and its inhabitants: the Etruscans.

It was a civilization that lived mainly for and thanks to trade with the Middle East and other region bordering the Mediterranean Sea.
The territory and the houses were enriched by the cultures and goods of other countries: the gardens of the Mediterranean hide all these treasures.

Ra the god of sun

Ra the god of sun


"Ra god of the sun" is a collection inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology.

The god Ra was seen as the personification of the sun, a fundamental element in the mythology and beliefs of the Egyptians but also important for their daily life.

It is said that Ra got on his diurnal boat to travel the sky by day, and at night, he ascended the night boat, to cross the lower world. He faced and overcame the hells, to rise again the next day.
It was powerful and seen as a giver of light and heat for the inhabitants of Egypt, this made it essential to their survival.

It was represented by an eye or simply by a point in a circle.

Thus the fundamental element of the collection takes shape: the point from which an infinite number of rays start.
With the center of the stitch, a leather insert to add to the basic elements of Ra (light and heat), the third element: colour.

Rosée du matin

Rosée du matin

The freshness of dawn

A collection inspired by nature and specifically the light texture of morning dew. This natural phenomenon creates an infinity of drops on the surface of objects. They create a "second skin", made up of many small spheres that reflect the light of the rising sun.

This is what Zoé wanted to represent with the texture created on the external parts of the jewels of this collection: to create a fresh and shiny surface.

Thanks to the use of 3D modeling technology and subsequent printing, it is possible to obtain very precise spheres and geometric shapes.
Although it is beneficial to this technological method, it is only the first prototype that is realized in that "mechanical" way, all other pieces always pass through the hands of Zoé, what will make them unique.

Winter Marine

Winter Marine

The secrets of the sea

The "Winter Marine" collection is the first collection of the artisan jewellery brand. It is inspired by the wild and mysterious oceans, which hide fascinating shapes and organic textures.

To be able to transform these natural inspirations into material shapes, Zoé ventures into self-taught learning of the lost wax technique.

This technique consists in working the wax, modelling it with precision instruments and heat. Therefore, being a very elastic material, very soft and organic shapes come out.

Thanks to this technique, Zoé has tried to best express the beauty of nature and its complexity through the jewellery line of the Winter Marine collection.