Zoé Van Reeth is a goldsmith

Belgian Jewellery artisan

Currently based in Rome

“My first studies were in architecture at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. From there I went in Rome to continue my education journey. I signed up to the course of industrial design atEuropean Institute of Design which I accomplished with a degree with honours. Then I concluded my training at the Goldsmith Academy in RomeThere, I learn the traditional Italian techniques of working with precious metals to become a jewellery artisan.

From 2013 I have been experimenting in my lab organic shapes, different techniques and combinations of textures. My passion drives me to a constant research. That enables me to always deliver innovative, surprising and delightful products of fine quality and design.”
Consequently, over time the techniques, colors and shapes have changed. Each one of my collections represents a period of my life. But the overall describes the development of my knowledge and my requirements.

Little by little I understood which was the thread who cross all my course. From my passion for the construction of models in architecture, to industrial design and goldsmithing is the small size construction, the meticulous work and the precision.

In jewellery there is a major freedom that allows me to express myself without too many constraints.

Finally I understood that it is the creation and the construction of a jewel that interests me…the relationship with the material. And I like to think that I work more as a sculptor than as a costume designer.
My personal quote “the human invented jewels to be able to wear sculptures”.


“I like to describe myself in a professional way as a handmade jewellery designer, a goldsmith and an artisan. My world and my everyday passion is the laboratory, my bench, the sound of the hacksaw, the rhythm given by the hammer, the light pointed at my hands, and the engine of the drill that interrupts the melody, and then resumes …

There, in that place, I am free. Nothing else exists, I think differently, I try, I experience, ideas come up, jewels are born, marks, colors, shapes.

The greatest emotion is when I’m experimenting and then suddenly the shape is born, directly from material. The feeling is to see something for the first time, and it is unique.

This moment takes place at the beginning of each collection and also with the commissioned works.

The relationship with the client becomes precious. Every time with different stories, I have to translate a story into a ring, a moment in a pair of earrings, a love in a necklace is difficult, delicate but unique.”