“I create handmade jewels that embodies elegance, grace and sensuality, expressing a unique combination of North European rigor and Italian sensibility.”


Chiffon NEW

Prints of nature

After two collections mainly made of bronze, I felt the need to go back to my origins: the processing of silver.
To give a new and original look to this metal, I tried to work on its surface creating a texture that could give the sensation of delicacy and lightness.

So, remaining in my main domain of inspiration which is the Nature, I decided to bring back the fragility and refinement of the shells on the metal: its striae, its veins and its reliefs.

These create a light natural texture, as if a very light veil of "chiffon" had joined the metal at the moment of the casting.

Each jewel ordered will be different, due to the fact that the impressions are taken in different areas of the shell.


Dune NEW

The desert ribbons

The dune collection comes after the "Mediterranean Gardens", after discovering the beauty of bronze and the preciousness of its warm color.

It is inspired by the desert, its dunes and its inhabitants (the Tuaregs); but also to the beauty of the silhouettes that travel in a sea of sand.

As a child, I was fascinated by this people, even though I knew nothing about their history.

Even today I admire these blue figures in the midst of ocher-colored dunes, their clothes that swing with the wind, these beautiful women with black eyes ... they are the sparks of the desert.

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Since 2013, some pieces have found an important success, for their originality, their manufacturing or their material.

Over the years they have become the icons of the brand.

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