“I create handmade jewels that embodies elegance, grace and sensuality, expressing a unique combination of North European rigor and Italian sensibility.”



Untold secrets

The ABOS collection was born in March 2020, in the middle of pandemic. Within the four walls of my house, ideas of something from distant origins are born ... something untouched.

And it comes out today, in October 2021, and for a year and a half I lived with it, we went through great loves, quarrels, separations, findings and changes.

It has been a long, difficult, deep story and now that the outlines have been defined, it can be brought to light.

This story of distant origins ... untouched for thousands of years, thanks to the oceans that surround it. So the Australian aborigines, who have been isolated for a long time, have been able to maintain their own primitive history, culture and way of life. Their pillar of life is spirituality, the belief in Dreamtime: the place and time where everything was created.

Through their ceremonies, songs, dances and drawings, they tell and transmit their myths and origins from generation to generation.

Aboriginal paintings represent the tales of the Dreamtime, the stories and secrets of entire Aboriginal tribes. And in order not to make them understood by the white man or by other tribes, they began to cover their drawings with dots, in order to blur the drawing and make their treasures illegible.

So I did the same, to keep the beauty of this turbulent love story of a year and a half, I put dots along its lines, to be able to share with you the jewels that were born of it, but without revealing our secrets.

Single Travelers

Single Travelers

Single and not lonely

Sometimes there is no reason to be part of a group,
sometimes it's nice to be born from a passant idea, from the desire to make something new, different.

That's the reason why there are some jewels that are part of any collection...
because sometimes these experiments lead to something I like, something that tells a story that I want to share with others.



Herbs and plants

It was the beginning of summer, searching for inspiration and ideas to create something new to add to Célestine’s world. So I decided to have a walk in a very wild and huge park in Rome : the Caffarella park.
The sun was already hot and the plants were still green and smelly from the spring.

Being in nature is my way of doing research, and what makes me happy is to know that I can borrow things from it to create unique jewels for unknown people.
Maybe nature is a universal language, and for every person has its own meaning.

So this time I borrowed from nature herbs and plants that I picked directly from the ground and used them to make printings on the wax and then bring it to melt through the wax casting process.
What remains is the essence of nature : poetry and delicacy.

Have a look at the collection and try to feel the story I told you.

Other precious objects

Other precious objects NEW

When jewellery meets product design

This section includes all the pieces which are not really considered as jewels as such, but they become precious thanks to their value as items.

Since the fall of 2018 my intention has been to go back in time, go back to the time of my studies, and reconnect with my former education as a product designer. Maintaining the same intention of making objects, but with my acquired skills as a goldsmith.

By combining these two worlds, and through the use of  refined processes, delicate shapes, ancient imprints and elegant details, even an everyday object becomes a treasurable item.

Take part in a jewel’s creation

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Since 2013, some pieces have found an important success, for their originality, their manufacturing or their material.

Over the years they have become the icons of the brand.

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